Purchases and Sales

Whether purchasing or selling residential real estate, our real estate lawyers are ready, willing, and able to assess your real estate needs. Our team of knowledgeable professionals and administrative staff ensure that your experience is seamless and clear, as we explain and advise our clients through every step of the real estate process.

Refinancing and/or Consolidating debt

Whether refinancing for better mortgage terms, gaining access to equity, or consolidating debt, we can assist in refinancing your existing mortgage and paying down any required debts as per your new lender’s instructions.

Bridge Financing

If you are buying and selling a home at the same time, you may be obtaining bridge financing to facilitate your purchase before the sale closing date. Our team has extensive experience dealing with bridge loans from many different lenders.

Agreement and Status Certificate Review

If your agreement of purchase and sale is conditional on lawyer review, one of our lawyers would be happy to review your agreement if requested. Likewise, we can also review your status certificate for a condominium purchase.

Private Agreements

We also welcome clients who are buying or selling privately and can assist in drafting a private offer. Buying or selling privately requires extra care that Adam Miller Kelly can provide. We will ensure your legal rights are protected by including the appropriate clauses in your private agreement.

Transfers of Title

We can assist you with a transfer of title without an agreement of purchase and sale. Common scenarios include parent to child, spouse to spouse, or between separating spouses.

Title Insurance

It is our standard to practice to obtain title insurance for our clients on all purchases.  If you previously purchased a property without title insurance, we can assist you to obtain a home owner’s policy now so that you are protected going forward for certain issues, such as identity fraud.

Out of town buyers and sellers

We can also assist out of town buyers or sellers who are buying or selling property in Ottawa. We can arrange a remote signing over Microsoft Teams.


Want to know how much land transfer tax your purchase will be subject to? Use our Land Transfer Tax Calculator to find out.